All my dolls are beautiful and full of character.  I make them with lots of attention to detail.  Each girl has her own detachable name tag in a small fabric bag tied to her wrist. Each boy has his own detachable name tag in a pocket on his trousers. All dolls can have any name of your choice (the card in the pocket says: 'Hello, I'm Carrie' (for example), or can have a personalised message, such as: 'For Amy with love'.  I welcome custom orders so if you have a special request or enquiry, do email me.


I have designed several variations on my lovely Jemima dolls, all of which can be purchased online.  The most elaborate are £70.00.  These are 56cm tall and either have a lace trimmed apron or they have lots of extra lace layers on the dress and underskirt.  This design is the most intricate to make and takes longer.  

Secondly, I've designed a similar 56cm doll but with fewer details.  Apart from the lack of an apron or the extra lace, these dolls are equally beautiful and have the same face and hair.  Because they're less fiddly to make, this version retails at £55.00.  

Tessa and Chloe

My third design is a smaller doll, 44cm tall.  As you can see from the examples in the photos, they're equally attractive, and have lots of lovely details but because they're smaller they retail at £40.00.  In addition I make a 'slimmed down' version of the 44cm doll, which has the same lovely face and hair but I’ve omitted the extra details such as a necklace, apron or trims on the wrist and ankle.  This version retails at £30.

My boy dolls retail at £40.00.  They're the same size (44cm), have cheeky grins and freckles, and lots of lovely details.

There's one more doll design to choose from - it's my wonderful topsyturvy doll.  She is, in fact, two dolls in one!  One way up she's dressed in rags, with patches on her skirt, a sad face, and a headscarf.  Turn her up the other way and her double sided skirt covers the 'rags' end to reveal the doll looking glamorous and ready to go to a Ball.  As you can probably guess, I've used the Cinderella story as my inspiration for these dolls.  

The topsyturvy dolls are about 30cm tall but because there's so much work involved in making what effectively amounts to two dolls, they retail at £50.00. 

In 2018 I started designing a 56cm doll dressed as a bride, with a long white lace-embellished dress, lace-trimmed underskirt, a veil with flowers in her hair and a bouquet of flowers.  I hope she will thrill anyone looking for a unique gift for a bride, for bridesmaids or for first communions.  Of course she would delight anyone who loves beautiful dolls and would make a delightful present for any occasion.  Because of the extra time it takes to make her, and the extra details, my bridal dolls retail at £90.

Postage for my dolls is by Royal Mail 'signed for' delivery and costs £6.50 for delivery to UK destinations, and £12.50 to international destinations (for single items). 

All the dolls have loads of character and personality - and lots of beautiful features, which include at least some of the following:

  • ribbon and/or lace and/or ric-rac at ankles and wrists

  • button details

  • earrings and/or necklaces

  • apron or ribbon sash

  • specialist yarn for hair

You can buy my lovely Jemima dolls on this web site.  I'm happy to make custom order dolls; just email me to discuss your requirements and to arrange payment.

In addition to my range of rag dolls I have designed a Jemima rag doll starter kit, which includes everything required to make your own rag doll, except the needle and thread.  I've tried out the kit on a willing volunteer who doesn't do much sewing and she found the instructions easy to follow.  It helps if you have access to a sewing machine, but it isn't essential.  My kits are suitable for anyone aged about 10 upwards.  If you're interested, contact me by email and I'll make up a kit for you in your preferred colour scheme.  The kit can be ordered direct from me by email (£20 including postage) or from my Shop page.


All my rag dolls are made carefully and individually using traditional techniques with lots of attention to detail.  They are all ‘one of a kind’.  They are sure to bring lots of pleasure for a very long time.

I make them at my home in North Yorkshire, which is a smoke-free and pet-free environment.  They can sit up unsupported, although they prefer to have a surface to lean against.

You can view a large number of my dolls in the Gallery.  My aim was to put every doll I've made in the Gallery but that hasn't quite happened.  I'm sorry if you've purchased a doll and there isn't a photo of it; I have to confess that I accidentally deleted some photos before posting them there.  If you haven't purchased a doll yet, you can see a wide variety of the colours and styles I've made.  My current policy is to post a photo of each doll I make as soon as it's completed both in the Shop and in the Gallery.  I'm on to Rag Doll Gallery 2 now!

If you see a doll in the Gallery that you particularly love and there isn't one at all similar in the Shop, contact me to discuss whether I can make one a bit like it as a custom order.  If I have similar fabrics in stock it won't cost you any more than the Shop prices.

Detail on Zoe's dress
Details on legs and feet

I've designed my rag dolls to be decorative, ornamental collectables and keepsakes - perfect gifts for friends and loved ones.  However, they are not toys: they have tiny buttons and other details which could be hazardous to very young children.  My Jemima dolls will delight older children and adults, and they look wonderful displayed on a shelf, in a nook or cranny, or at the end of a bed, for example.  So long as they are not treated roughly they will bring pleasure for years, and may well become delightful family heirlooms. 

My dolls have beautiful outfits made with new cotton fabrics, which are stitched on to the cotton fabric body.  I stuff the body on the dolls with legs partly with polystyrene balls (which are fire retardant) and partly with new polyester toy filling (also fire retardant).  This gives the doll a base which enables it to sit up nicely.  The girls have bloomers (pantaloons) under their skirt.  All dolls have hair of acrylic or acrylic/wool yarn.  I suggest they are kept out of direct sunlight which could fade the lovely clothes in time, and please don't put them in the wash or tumble dryer.

Recently I was asked to design a bridal doll.  I have always hoped that a customer would request a doll dressed in bridal clothes, or request dolls for child bridesmaids to carry, made with the fabric of their wedding outfits.  So I set to work, and I was very pleased with the result.  I hope you agree. If you're interested in dolls for the special day, do get in touch! For more photos and info, go to News and Developments, March 2018.

Upon purchase the dolls are gift wrapped and sent by guaranteed delivery worldwide.