Hello, I’m Jenny.  I love creative crafts, especially knitting and sewing.  I’ve lost count of the projects I've taken on over the years for my family and friends.  I get great pleasure from delighting others by making things they love, which they either couldn't do themselves, or haven't the time to do themselves.  I love experimenting and adapting ideas, and I particularly enjoy the challenge of unusual and complicated patterns and designs.

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I used to fit all my creative projects around my full-time teaching job, but that all changed when I retired in 2015.  At last I had a little more time on my hands!  I wanted to do something that would be more than just an absorbing hobby - something which would bring lots of pleasure to others and lots of personal fulfillment too.  My husband suggested, 'What about making beautiful rag dolls?'  This wasn’t quite as random as it sounds, as you’ll see if you read on.  The idea inspired me, and I set out straight away, experimenting with fabrics, shapes and colour schemes.  The result is Jemima & Co!

The story behind my rag dolls

Here’s the story behind my rag dolls.  Some years ago, I decided to make a rag doll for my daughter.  The result was Jemima, who graced the shelf in the nursery, and later had pride of place at the end of Emily’s bed.  Incidentally, Jemima has always been a favourite name of mine.


Made-up bedtime stories about Jemima became firm favourites.  She came to life when Emily was asleep and got into all kinds of mischief during her adventures.  On one occasion she climbed up on to Mummy’s dressing table and covered her face in lipstick and make up.  Mummy couldn’t work out how on earth Jemima’s face had become so dirty overnight – or why there was messy make up all over the dressing-table!

There were so many stories, and some were repeated many times by popular request.

Over the last few weeks I've started telling the same Jemima stories to my little grandson when he stays at our house, and he loves them too.

Despite the many other creative projects I undertook over the years (such as patchwork, counted cross stitch, appliqué, crochet, macramé, knitting, etc) Jemima was the only rag doll I made, until Emily’s daughter Eva came along.  It was then that I designed a beautiful ‘Jemima’ - and Eva loves her!  Using Eva’s Jemima as the prototype I have now created a wide range of delightful Jemima-type dolls (Jemima’s ‘company’).



By the way, the logo for Jemima & Co is a silhouette of a dove.  I chose it because ‘Jemima’ means ‘dove’.

My rag dolls have been carefully made using traditional techniques to capture the look of a beautiful, vintage rag doll with a distinctive, contemporary twist using modern materials.  I make them individually, at my home in North Yorkshire, partly on my sewing machine but mostly by hand.  I love choosing different colour schemes and embellishments for the outfits, and every doll I make is unique.  Some have bright colour schemes for their outfits, some have mellow, more muted shades.  If you have a particular request, for a colour scheme or hair colour, get in touch by email to discuss.

There’s sure to be at least one that will look just right in pride of place in your home. 

A group of small Jemima dolls