A schoolgirl custom doll


A few weeks ago I was asked to create a schoolgirl doll for my customer’s granddaughter. She wanted a rag doll with a gym slip or school uniform dress, and a satchel on her back with the name embroidered on it. I love challenges like this one! So I set to work and produced a beautiful doll with a shirt and tie, a ‘head girl’ badge, and a satchel. I was really pleased with the result, and my customer was pleased too. Here are some photos of the doll I produced.

If you would like a rag doll with a particular theme or colour scheme, contact me to discuss. I only take on projects I’m confident I can produce to a high standard, and I send photos as I go along as well as photos of the finished product before I send it in the post, so my customers are sure of what they’re getting.

New Year blues


There’s nothing like an unexpected order at the beginning of January to encourage me! Usually it’s pretty dead straight after Christmas, understandably. But thankfully lots of people have birthdays in January, and I had an order for some padded letters for baby Arthur, who is a year old this month. The letters turned out really well and I enjoyed being able to make them without the usual pressure on time. Here’s the result. These are 8” (20cm) letters, but I also do smaller letters -4” (10cm) as well. Do get in touch to discuss your requirements. I’ve put a photo of some of my smaller letters on this post too. I think you’ll agree they fit the space perfectly. They were a new home present for a friend.


Happy Christmas everyone!


Thank you to everyone who has visited my web site or seen me at a fair or show over the last year. It’s been a busy time, what with moving from Essex to Yorkshire in May, and starting a part-time admin job in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales not far from where I now live, as well as producing lots of gorgeous dolls and custom orders too. Now it’s Christmas! I’ll be in Suffolk and then in Essex over the next few days, spending time with family. Then it’s back up to Yorkshire to return to my admin work and start making new stock ready for summer shows.

During the last few days I’ve checked my stock levels of just about everything, and tidied up the workroom ready for a fresh start in January. In between I’m taking a few days off and I might even do some knitting for a change!!

Have a great Christmas, and I hope I may see you at one of the 2019 shows, or ‘meet’ you when you order my dolls or padded letters on line. Happy New Year!

Busy Christmas time


I’ve been so busy over the last couple of months that blogs on this page haven’t been written I’m afraid. But my last Christmas fair is over now and once all my on- line sales are fulfilled I can start thinking about presents for my family and friends.

Ive travelled up and down the A1 to do fairs in Cambridgeshire and Essex, and I’ve met lots of stall holders who also do these fabulous fairs. The photo shows a bit of my stall at RHS Hyde Hall. I can’t praise the event organizers highly enough, and thanks to every customer who bought one of my lovely rag dolls. There are going to be some very happy recipients on Christmas Day!!