Topsy-turvy dolls


Topsy-turvy dolls are a traditional favourite which went out of fashion for a number of years but is now making a comeback. My take on the idea of two dolls in one is to have a sad doll with work clothes on at one end. Tip her reversible circular skirt over her head and turn her upside down, and you get a happy doll wearing a party dress.

The connection to the Cinderella story is unmistakeable but I have tried to keep my dolls away from strong typecasting, so the scope for imagination is unbridled. While the dolls are not toys doubtless children will love making up stories and plays using them as props. I have also sold them to teachers to use in storytelling, and to counsellors who use them in therapy.

I make my double-ended dolls in a wide range of colours; each end always has a contrasting colour scheme. In the photo I have placed two dolls side by side. The one on the left is in work clothes; the one on the right is in a party dress. Both dolls look attractive even though one is looking sad, and I think one or more would look wonderful on a shelf somewhere in your home. Go to the shop page to see all the current stock available.