New range of Jemima & Co dolls


For some time I’ve been thinking of developing a range of Jemima & Co dolls which are a more ‘slimmed down’ version of my gorgeous dolls. Over the last few weeks I’ve worked on a design and now I have a number of dolls which are more basic and therefore more affordable, but just as pretty and appealing as all my dolls. The new range comes in two sizes, 56cm and 44cm, and the dolls feature a simple triangular dress, a lace and ribbon trim at the hem, a feature button on the front, and straight hair. They retail considerably cheaper than the other dolls in the same size range, and whilst they are keepsakes, not toys (as are all my rag dolls) they will be loved by young and old alike, and will adorn a space in your home. I’m currently making some in a many different colour schemes so have a look in the shop and see if there’s one that would suit you or a loved one.