How to make my day


Back in November I did a Christmas Fair at the church in Clare, Suffolk.  It was a wonderful event and lots of my dolls went to new homes in time for Christmas.  One little girl who became the proud owner of one of my dolls was Rebecca.  She chose a pretty fair-haired doll with a dress covered with strawberries.  Later in the day, her mum approached me and explained that Rebecca was sure Father Christmas could fulfil all her dreams, and her dream was to have a dress just like her new doll's.  Could I source enough of the fabric to make into a dress? And could I make the dress for her?

Without a pattern, not living locally, and with Christmas looming, I declined making the dress, but I did say I'd try to source the fabric and send it in the post.  Fortunately my local stockist had the fabric in stock so I was able to send enough for a dress for Rebecca.  

I assumed that was the end of the story until I saw Rebecca and her family at Clare Priory last weekend.  She had come to choose another doll, and this time she chose a blue one with bright pink ribbons.  The highlight for me, however, was when her mum showed me a lovely photo of Rebecca wearing her strawberry dress and clutching her strawberry doll.  Both looked fantastic!