Wonderful moments at The Essex Craft and Design Show


The weather was amazing and the people thronged to RHS Hyde Hall over the Bank Holiday weekend.  The fantastic organisation by David and Jan and the lovely fellow stallholders make this an event to really look forward to every year.  After 4 days together, we all feel as if we've known each other for ever!

One of the highlights of this year's Show for me occurred after closing time at 5pm on Saturday evening.  I had packed all my dolls in boxes to take home for the night and I was waiting for my husband to bring the car round from the car park to load up.  A little girl named Emmie came into the marquee at about 5.15 with her Grandma, looking for something to spend her birthday money on.  Most of the stalls were covered in tarpaulin for the night and the stall holders had gone home.  

I asked Emmie if she would like to look in my boxes and see if there was something there that she would like.  When I opened the lid she could hardly believe her eyes!  We sorted out a beautiful lavender and purple themed doll with long fair curly hair, which was exactly what she wanted, and she left a very happy little girl.

To make a purchase after-hours is always a real bonus, but the real thrill was seeing Emmie's face when she found a gorgeous doll to love.  I think we both went home walking on air!

The 'icing on the cake' was on Monday when Emmie came to see me with her mum.  I was told that Emmie cuddled her doll all the way home in the car, and absolutely adores her.  The doll now sits on Emmie's bed looking very pretty, when she isn't with Emmie herself.

That's what makes all the hard work worth it.  A moment like that is priceless and I'm so glad  the lavender doll made the perfect present.