My latest project: a bridal doll


I was recently asked to design a rag doll as a gift for a bride, dressed in traditional white with a veil and wedding flowers.  I like nothing more than a challenge, so long as I have the confidence to believe I can achieve the result my customer is looking for.  So I set to work sourcing suitable fabrics for the underskirt, dress, veil, and undies.  While I waited for the fabrics to arrive in the post I made the pattern for the dress and made the body, legs and arms.  When I had everything I needed to complete the doll, I had fun choosing the lace trims and the flowers from my local stockist.

I'm thrilled with the result, and so is my customer!  It's made me think that this could be a new line for Jemima & Co, and I'm planning to make another bridal doll along similar lines to display on my stall at craft fairs, in the hope that I'll get some custom orders. 

If you're interested, get in touch to discuss your requirements and I'll gladly make a bride.  I would also consider making dolls for bridesmaids using the same fabric as their dresses (if the fabric is suitable).  And how about commissioning a rag doll for a flower girl to carry down the aisle instead of a bouquet?  It would then become a beautiful keepsake doll for the flower girl to keep after the event.  There are endless possibilities, and I love doing custom orders!

I hope you like my doll as much as I do.  She has tiny press-studs on her hands so she can hold the bouquet with one hand or two.  The bride I've made this doll for has long dark hair, but of course I could alter the hair colour for any other order.

The flowers are made with wire stems so it's important to stress that this doll (like all my dolls) is not a toy and must be handled with care by responsible people and definitely not by very young children.