Purchasing my dolls

Happy New Year everyone!

Up until now I've had two on-line Shops - one on this web site, and the other on the Etsy site.  They have been a great way to showcase my dolls and enable purchasers worldwide to view them and become acquainted with Jemima & Co.  The majority of my sales come via quality craft fair and shows, and I direct interested potential customers to the Shop on this web site.

I've now made the decision to close my Etsy Shop.  All my stock appears in the Shop on this web site and purchasing through this site is totally secure and you can use PayPal if you wish.  If you're in the UK, please note that because this site is a US site, the default cost for postage and packing comes up with the international cost when you first place goods in your basket.  However, as soon as you enter your UK delivery address, the price automatically changes to the price for UK p&p.  

So browse in my Shop from time to time to see my totally up to date stock, and maybe treat yourself, or someone else, to one of my beautiful rag dolls.  If you have a special request for a doll or padded letters, contact me via my email address.