Starter kit dolls


Last year I created a starter kit suitable for about 10+ years.  The kit includes everything you need to complete the doll, except the needle and thread.  It can be stitched entirely by hand - it only requires back stitch and running stitch, or it can be stitched by machine.  The instructions and clear and easy to follow.  I sold quite a few kits at craft fairs over the course of the year, to both children and adults, in lots of different colour schemes.  

Because I've expanded my range of dolls this year, I'm running out of space in the car to transport everything to the fairs. So I decided to take a completed example of my kit doll to this year's fairs, and make up the starter kits to order.  In that way people can choose their colour scheme and hair colour, so they are individually tailor-made for each customer.


The photos show the kit dollI take to fairs as an example; and a lovely blue kit doll recently completed by Jessica, who is 10 years old.  She has named her doll Rose.

If you would like to make your own Jemima & Co rag doll from one of my kits, or you have someone in mind who might like one from you as a present, email me at .