St Peter's Church, Sudbury - Saturday 6 May

Nearly the weekend already!  After such a busy weekend at RHS Hyde Hall, it seems like this weekend is coming around way too quickly! But the dolls are packed and ready to display in Sudbury.  I'm doing a couple of Thursday fairs at St Peter's in the summer, and another Saturday there in September.  The venue is right next to the busy market place, and both Thursday and Saturday are market days.  So if you're within striking distance. come along.  It's free to get in.

This coming Saturday I have a double size stall.  Half will be for my dolls and associated sundries (scented hearts, keyrings and greetings cards featuring photos of my dolls); the other half will be devoted to my padded letters, with custom order forms at the ready and lots of examples to view.  My portfolios of rag dolls and padded letters will be on display, along with a book of swatches for the letters.