Getting ready for Spring fairs

2016 - my first year in business - was wonderfully successful!  I made dolls every spare moment I had, and people at craft fairs bought them as fast as I made them. 

In January I started building up my stock ready for craft fairs starting after Easter this year.  

The first fair is in Lavenham on 22 April. I'll be taking lots of freshly made dolls in a wide range of colour schemes.  Some are 56cm, some are 44cm, some are boys, and some are topsyturvy dolls.  

I love the doll in this photo.  I have several black dolls in beautiful outfits in my collection. They were inspired by the beautiful Nigerian children I used to teach, and so far I've named each one after one of the wonderful pupils I loved so much 

One of the fun parts of creating new dolls is naming them!  I have a long list of possible names and when each is finished, I look down the list and decide which name suits the doll I've just made.

Of course, the name I give the doll is for my own benefit, in order to distinguish which is which.  When you purchase one, you can choose any name you like for your doll, or ask for a message to be put in the pocket on the boy's trousers or in the girl's bag on her wrist.