New for 2017

Since the Essex Craft and Design Fair at the beginning of May 2016,  I've designed and created a range of smaller Jemima dolls (44cm tall).  I love them!   Apart from the size, they have the same distinctive features as all my dolls.  

So far I have designed the smaller Jemima dolls with dark crinkly hair, fair crinkly hair, red crinkly hair and auburn straight hair, Their outfits come in a wide variety of colour schemes, like my original Jemima dolls.  Go to the Gallery page to view some examples, or the Shop page to view and purchase the ones I have currently in stock.

I have since developed a range of similar dolls, also 44cm tall, which have less details (no underskirt, buttons on wrist and ankle, or necklace, apron or earrings.  The dolls are just as pretty and the fact that they've been 'slimmed down' is reflected in the lower price.

The boys in the photo are some of my latest designs.  I'm hoping they prove popular, as attractive boy dolls are not easily found, and mine are really lovely.

I'd love to make boy and girl twins. Perhaps that will be my next project??!!