Topsy-turvy dolls


Topsy-turvy dolls are a traditional favourite which went out of fashion for a number of years but is now making a comeback. My take on the idea of two dolls in one is to have a sad doll with work clothes on at one end. Tip her reversible circular skirt over her head and turn her upside down, and you get a happy doll wearing a party dress.

The connection to the Cinderella story is unmistakeable but I have tried to keep my dolls away from strong typecasting, so the scope for imagination is unbridled. While the dolls are not toys doubtless children will love making up stories and plays using them as props. I have also sold them to teachers to use in storytelling, and to counsellors who use them in therapy.

I make my double-ended dolls in a wide range of colours; each end always has a contrasting colour scheme. In the photo I have placed two dolls side by side. The one on the left is in work clothes; the one on the right is in a party dress. Both dolls look attractive even though one is looking sad, and I think one or more would look wonderful on a shelf somewhere in your home. Go to the shop page to see all the current stock available.

New range of Jemima & Co dolls


For some time I’ve been thinking of developing a range of Jemima & Co dolls which are a more ‘slimmed down’ version of my gorgeous dolls. Over the last few weeks I’ve worked on a design and now I have a number of dolls which are more basic and therefore more affordable, but just as pretty and appealing as all my dolls. The new range comes in two sizes, 56cm and 44cm, and the dolls feature a simple triangular dress, a lace and ribbon trim at the hem, a feature button on the front, and straight hair. They retail considerably cheaper than the other dolls in the same size range, and whilst they are keepsakes, not toys (as are all my rag dolls) they will be loved by young and old alike, and will adorn a space in your home. I’m currently making some in a many different colour schemes so have a look in the shop and see if there’s one that would suit you or a loved one.

Bridal dolls


Perhaps the most beautiful doll it’s possible to make is a bride! I’ve worked on creating a lovely 56cm (22”) doll wearing a broderie anglaise white dress decorated with a pearl waistband and rows of lace on the skirt. The underskirt has a lace trim, as do her pantaloons. Her shoes have bows with pearls on the front. She has a pearl necklace and little earrings. Her veil is fixed in place with fabric flowers and these are echoed in her bouquet. I think she looks stunning.


She’s considerably more time-consuming to create, since there is so much detail, but I think she would make a wonderful gift for a bride or bridesmaid to commemorate the big day, and as well as looking spectacular in pride of place on a shelf, she would doubtless be admired and maybe cuddled by little girls (remember she is not a toy; she has small parts and the flowers are on wire stems). My unique and gorgeous dolls are personalised with a gift card in her wrist bag (with your chosen wording) and gift wrapped in spotty cellophane and tissue paper, to give her the perfect finishing touch.


Go to the Shop page to see more photos of my bridal dolls and if you’re inspired but you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for, email me to discuss your requirements and I’ll see what I can do!

Padded letters for your home


I always imagined a set of my padded letters saying ‘Welcome’ in the entrance hall or to a home, or maybe in a porch. I’ve often thought of making a set, but somehow never got round to it because other projects demanded my time. I was thrilled, therefore, when I had a custom order for the word ‘welcome’. My customer wanted them to display in her conservatory. My photo shows the result - lovely soft shades which would blend with many variations in home decor. Inspired? Get in touch to discuss your preferred colour scheme…….