It's always a pleasure to get positive feedback when I sell my dolls.  Over the time since I started selling (I set up an on-line shop just before Christmas 2015 and my first craft fair was in May 2016) I've had lots of wonderful compliments.


Sometimes people say to me that they don't have any little girls in the family to buy one for.  I've discovered however that I sell about half to family members who have a daughter/granddaughter/niece in mind, and the other half to adults who just love them and want one to put on a shelf, window sill, spare chair or on the end of a bed.  The wonderful thing about rag dolls is that they are timeless and ageless keepsakes - they appeal to everyone of all ages and quickly find a special place in the owner's heart.

One of my pleasures is meeting someone at a fair who has previously bought a doll, and they tell me how thrilled they are with their purchase.  One lady told me she bought a little doll's chair for her doll, and it now sits in the corner of her room.  Another told me that she sent her doll to her granddaughter in New York, and it goes absolutely everywhere with her.

Since starting to sell, I know that my dolls have been sent to Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, Norway, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, as well as to all parts of the UK.  Of course, some may have gone further afield unbeknown to me.

I've included on this page excerpts from a few of the letters I've received.  Hopefully it will encourage you to go ahead and buy one for yourself or for someone special.  They are really beautiful .  I design and create them with lots of love and care to delight people young and old.  

           ......Thank you so much for my doll and heart! I love them!  The heart smells so nice and my doll is super cool!  She went to the Co-op and even Dominos with me yesterday! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo....oooo much  (Erin, Colchester, 2016)

          ......I just wanted to say thank you for the Rag Doll.  It arrived safely in the post the other day.  The pictures, although fabulous, did not do justice to actually seeing the actual doll.  She looks amazing!!!  You have done an absolutely wonderful job, she looks stunning. (Sue, custom order, Christmas 2016)

          .....Thank you ever so much for making Lily she is beautiful!  I really appreciate the trouble that you have gone to to find the same colour scheme that May had and make her.  Thank you also for the extra things that you put in the package with her, I have hung the pink heart cushion on my wardrobe door. (Florence, custom order, Clare, 2017)

          .....Thank you for the doll, it is very nice.  It is so what I wanted. (Chris, Essex, 2016)

          .....Thank you so much for the upside down doll . . . I know how much work goes into making them.  I must say she looks so much better than the ones I used to make. (Sylvia, Chelmsford, 2017)

          .....Thank you so much for making me a double-sided doll.  I LOVE IT!  (Hetty, custom order, Clare, 2017)

          .....Thank you so much.  I really love her.   You are a true star!!!  (Lena, custom order, South Wales, 2017)

         .....Your photos don't do it justice!  Chrissie is absolutely beautiful and such careful attention to detail!  Even the lovely way you wrapped her!  I am so grateful and so happy.  (Sarah, custom order, Newark, 2018)

       .....Just to let you know that I have received Natasha and how delighted I am with her.  Thank you!  (Judith, Grantham 2018)

…….Thanks for all your time and patience. It’s beautiful! (Berni, custom order, Bolton 2018)

  …….Received my dolls yesterday. Thank you very much, they are gorgeous. My grandaughters will love them (Sharon, Yeovil 2018)

…….Just to let you know my parcel arrived safely this morning. Thank you, it all looks so lovely and beautifully packaged. Thank you also for the lovely key ring you popped in. (Karen, starter kit order, Shoeburyness, 2019)